More About Me

This is My Story!

As I write this chapter of my journey, I reflect on the twists and turns that have brought me here.

It all started when I had to close my beloved home healthcare business.

I felt like a failure, asking myself, "What's next?"

With a 3-year-old son who rarely saw me, I craved a better work-life balance and financial stability.

In April 2016, I obtained my Realtor license, setting off on a path to help others find their dream homes.

I worked with a diverse clientele, exploring various real estate strategies.

But it was a particular family that ignited my passion for what I do today.

Meet Jake and Cara, a young couple with two kids, navigating the challenges of the COVID era.

The world of buying and selling homes shifted from in-person to virtual.

A year before they approached me, Jake had graduated from college and started his career.

He and Cara had bought a small first home, and they were bursting at the seams.

The kids' rooms were cramped. Storage was a joke.

There was no space for Jake's work-from-home setup or Cara's creative projects.

Every inch counted.

Their dream of harmony between work and home life seemed distant.

Their new life beckoned them toward a larger, more modern home.

But the competitive market made them hesitant.